EcoSandals – Made in Nairobi



In a small workshop, on the boarder between the Korogocho slum and Kariobangi area, these wonderful leather sandals are being made. Every single sandal is produced by using leather and already used automobile tyre from the streets of East Africa. Even much of the fabrics being used are recycled wastes from the close by dumping site.

The EcoSandals are pieces of art, made by the skilled hands of the people from the area, using their talents to provide for themselves and their families. To live and survive in the slums and suburbs of Nairobi is a hardship and the sandals are being made with such a high quality to conquer the days of hard work, rain, a burning sun and long walks.

The EcoSandals are not only being sold in Kenya, but also in e.g. America and Europe. They are for everyone who wants to enjoy more environment friendly and comfortable leather sandals with a unique design, reflecting the creative and colourful inherit of Kenya.

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Photo taken by: Emma Wallgren