Holiday at Langebaan beach front


After a weekend camping on the countryside by the Breede River, three days of holiday continued with a road trip to Langebaan (a beach town north of Cape Town) where my friend Lucy and me stayed in a little house just next to the beach. I found the ocean having a very calming impact on me and I love just walking along the beach studying the waves coming in over the beach and then return back towards the endless horizon. I would go up early in the morning watching the sun rise bringing the light over the sand dunes and the shells being washed up on the beach. In the evenings me and Lucy would sit at the rocks outside our house, watching the sun set while the seals were playing and swimming in the waves.      


During our little short holiday we also drove up to Saldanha, a town north of Langebaan, from where we watched a ship wreck and funny rock formations in the ocean. On our way back to Cape Town we also visited the West Coast National Park, a park offering an amazing view of the Atlantic ocean and the Langebaan Lagoon. If you are lucky (or unlucky) you can also spot different animals in the park as e.g. cobras  zebras, elands, flamingos, pelicans and turtles and in the ocean dolphins and wales (when it is season). 



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