Camping in the land of vineyards


In Cape Town, the summer is almost over now and the winter is on its way, but still the weather is good enough for making a little road trip and go camping. During my times spent in South Africa I have come to learn one thing – South Africans love to go camping and off course also to braai different types of meat (Braai is Afrikaans and means grill or barbecue and it is a social custom among some of the people in e.g. South Africa, Botswana and Namibia). 

So there we were my friends and me, at River Goose Camp Site, in the Western Cape, about 2,5 hours driving from Cape Town. The drive is beautiful and worth the trip in it self, driving over the high mountains (giving a perfect view of Cape Town and the Atlantic ocean from above), along the mountains and I can’t even count the vineyards that we passed by on our way to the camping site.


Surrounded by mountains, vineyards in abundance, an apricot farm and fields of sheep we spent a lovely weekend camping on the river bank of the Breede River. Besides a group of young men having the party of their lives just across the river, it was a lovely and peaceful place. The camping site was provided with very neat washroom facilities and every camping spot had its own table and fireplace, making the stay very convenient. It was a relaxing weekend that passed by with us doing basically nothing except from paddling kayak, reading magazines and books, cooking food and enjoying good company and off course one or two braais.



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