Hiking at Kilimanjaro and a peaceful Moshi


Three good months have already past since I arrived to Nairobi. In order to renew my visa, me and Nelson decided to travel to the neighbouring Tanzania. So with the bus company Riverside Shuttle, we boarded a bus full of Tanzanian nuns, a Spanish woman and a Tanzanian muslim and headed south. After crossing the boarder to Tanzania the view from the bus window just got more and more beautiful as we got closer to our destination – Moshi. The area from the boarder to Moshi is very mountainous and green with lots of trees and flowers. And the heat is hectic, just like in Mombasa, I even managed to get dyhadrated – again. After a 8 hours tiresome and sweaty trip we finally arrived to Moshi, a small and peaceful town located at the foot of Kilimanjaro, the mountain with the highest peak in Africa.

Altogether we spent 5 whole days in Moshi, just resting and enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounded us. If the weather was clear in the morning and evening hours we could even see Kilimanjaro from the back yard of our B&B. Everyday we walked the short distance into town to stroll around, buy fresh fruits and off course our new speciality – new made popcorn. We also found our favourite place to go and eat, named Kilimanjaro Coffee Lounge. For a good price you could get food of great quality and they had the best coffee milkshake ever tasted. Except from one grumpy waitress the staff was also very service minded.

After watching the peak of Kilimanjaro for three days we decided to get closer to the mountain. So we booked an one-day hiking trip. With our own guide and from a starting point of 1200m we managed to climb all the way up to 3000m (out of 5895m). The hiking went mostly through  the Kilimanjaro jungle-like forest, so the tall trees covered us from the sun and heat. On our way through the forest we experienced many different types of vegetations, saw a couple of different monkeys and birds and a big variety of trees, plants and beautiful flowers. Our goal was the crater located on a 3000m hight, from where we also got a view of the smaller one of Kilimanjaro’s three peaks and a  stunning view of the landscape below even as far as to the boarder of Kenya. After a pick-nick break at the rest camp close by, we hiked down from the mountain with aching legs and big smiles on our faces.

After 5 great days we left the green and sunny Moshi behind us and headed back to our home in Nairobi. Hiking at Kilimanjaro was such an amazing experience and I really hope we get the chance to come back and make it all the way to the top!

Na upendo



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