Diani Beach – a sunny paradise


Just arrived back home to Kiambu from ten days of beach holiday with the girls. It was such a blast. We rented a villa at Diani Beach which is located on the south of Mombasa. To make our way down there we took the night bus from Nairobi all the way down to Diani Beach, it’s about a 10 hours drive. We didn’t sleep that well any of the trips. I kept waking up all the time, terrified of the feeling that the bus was about to tip over. Seat belts…none. Perhaps next time we won’t go with the cheapest alternative. But we did survive and became really good friends with the bus guy Levis who managed both of the trips. He was truly a blessing, caring for our safety and convenience and making phone calls to make sure we got to the right places.

The heat in Mombasa was almost chocking compared to the heat in Nairobi. Me and Mihane had the privilege of having the only room in the villa with air condition though so we did not complain. We named that room Sweden and we loved it. While the other girls were sweating at night we just put another blanket on our chilled bodies. High season for vacation and holidays in Kenya is in December so it was still quiet on the beach and in the hotels. That meant we had the pool for our selves. I was so happy being able to swim again after almost two months without it. And in the mornings me and Mira jogged on the beach. It was an amazing feeling jogging on the edge of the beach, listening to good music on the iPhone, feeling the warm waves splashing on the bare feet and looking out over the paradise view of green palms, the white beach and the turquoise Indian Ocean.

In the days we chilled, swam in the pool and ocean, walked on the beach, went shopping souvenirs and ate lots of ice cream and pineapples. In the evenings we just kept chilling, listening to good music and having our own small pool parties. The last night we all went out dancing at a local outdoor bar and we really had the time of our lives while we tried to tingisha matako – Kenyan style.

And now we’re back in reality again with a slightly better tan than before and with lots of good memories.

Na Upendo



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