Into the wild

Into the wild

It’s been an intense and inspiring week in Maasai Land and I have so many thoughts and experiences to share with You. But let’s start with some pictures from the Safari in Maasai Mara. It was truly a really good safari and we got to see so many wild animals while driving around. In the night we slept in a camp ran by Sami, an elderly and respected Maasai man. Sami had this great sense of humour and was laughing and making jokes all the time, which we all found was very entertaining. Sami took us on a tour to one of the close by manyatta, a traditional Maasai house and gave us an insight in the Maasai culture and history. One of the things that I learnt was that the Maasai people love their animals. I got to hold one of the new born lambs and feed it with milk from a bottle, which reminded me of my home in Sweden (when I use to help my parents to take care of the lambs on the farm). In order to get milk we had to milk some of the cows but my skills in milking a cow turned out to be quite non-existent. Under a perfect clear night sky with shining stars and in the light of the fire our new group of friends gave us a show of songs and dances.


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