Adventures mpya (New adventures)

My meeting with the manager for the Familycare Medical Centre in Thika went very well today. The clinic runs different projects and services in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health. The people I met seemed very passionate about their work and clients, and I got a good feeling that this organisation might be worth getting involved with. After studying courses in Public Health in Humanitarian Action, the subjects are most relevant for me as well and it would be excellent to obtain some more experiences within this field. I agreed to try out 3-4 days in a two weeks time, but first I’m heading west and south for some adventures.

My awesome house mates O.J. ad Martin are running a travel company, Zurura Kenya, and they have set up a two days trip to Maasai Mara National Reserve. It’s them, me, Mira, Megan and three Swedish girls that just arrived to work as volunteers for Angaza. So it’s time for some safari and I feel happy that I soon will get to see some elephants again and even perhaps some lions… On our way back the guys will drop me off on the countryside outside Narok. There I will live in a Maasai village and help out in a local school. Martin knows some people living in the village and he sort of bet that I wouldn’t manage a week out there (due to harsher life conditions) and so… challenged accepted! I feel honestly very privileged for getting this opportunity to go and share these peoples’ life, even though it’s just for a short while. I hope that I will learn some new things and experience a different perspective on life. So to be continued…

Na Upendo



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