Kenya – nyumba yangu mpya

Kenya is my new home. It is slightly different and so far so good. Yesterday was my real first encounter with the Kenyan culture. I was so abruptly put into new situations that there was no time for either my body or mind to be chocked. It was almost surrealistic the way I found myself adapt to different circumstances.

Let me share a piece of my yesterday with You. I was going out to a town called Thika to visit a football project called Angaza (to give light) together with Zach, a Kenyan guy and Jonathan, a Swedish guy. I was about to experience the matatu, the white taxi bus. How many people can you fit into a mini bus? Well the question is yet to be answered and updated but so far the number is about 16. On our way back I had no seat, I was sort of sitting in the air in between two, but so squeezed by one of my friends and a Mama that I could’t move anywhere. I found myself having the biggest smile on my face.

A really important professional football game were held in Thika that day so we went there instead of to the office. The enthusiasm and voices of the supporters were incredible. The whole stadium were filled with supporters wearing green for the home team. I couldn’t see any fans from the guest team (the blue one) and I think it was quite wise of them to stay away. If I knew the colours of the team I wouldn’t have put a clear blue t-shirt on that morning. It was sort of a mistake in combination of being the one out of two Wazungu (white/Europeen people) on that stadium. I got way too much attention and ended up in too many pictures with random people. Right there I wished that I could make myself melt into the crowds better.

After the game we went to the office in the slum of Thika on taxi bikes, and yes, that was legendary! It was so much fun sitting on that carrier and I just couldn’t help myself from laughing. Shame that young man was so strong biking up and down the bumpy dirt roads so quickly, I was really amazed. The day ended with a nice dinner at a new friend’s place. Me and Jonathan had the honour of cooking a simplified Swedish dinner containing meatballs, mashed potatoes and cream gravy. The result was not too bad and I hope our new friends enjoyed.

Na Upendo (With Love)



4 thoughts on “Kenya – nyumba yangu mpya

  1. Oh how exciting for you. I’ll be praying for your safety and for a peace for you and your surroundings. Sounds like you are off to a great start. I love the Swedish meal. Should delicious. Take care!

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